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May 22, 2014

When will enough ever be enough?

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Sometimes I wished you knew. 

Sometimes I wished you could be as needy as I am, wanting to spend every second of my life with you next to my side. 

Sometimes I wonder if we are really suitable for each other; because we are totally complete opposite of each other. 

As much as I am trying to be all understanding with regards to how attached to your family you actually are, I wished you could spend more time with me. Maybe I’m being too unappreciative. Maybe I’m just not suitable to be in a relationship. Maybe… I’m just trying to be ME. We talked about expectations, and they always say “Expectations always lead to disappointment”. But how about saying that expectations means we care, it means we are looking for something to keep us motivated, something to work towards, somewhere to head towards.

It’s always past midnight and here I am typing, or should I say, rambling. I wished you knew. I wished you know how uncertain I am feeling right now at this moment. I wished… yet I’m never gonna say, because I guess I have said enough. Once is enough my dear. I’m not gonna repeat myself. I’m holding onto to this relationship which I call it LOVE. But who am I to say I know how to love when I have never loved anyone before. How strong would this reason be. How long would this reason last?

People gonna tell me that I’m being childish. I’m just not knowing how to appreciate what I already have. I know. I really do. I see your good as well. I always do. But I guess to me, I don’t need any gifts, neither do I need you to bring me to expensive places for our dates. I just need something that is free. Something called “Time”. 

Zeus, is that too much to ask for?


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